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Florida 20L (5-gallon) Braumeister Electric Brewing System - $1100

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Jun 29, 2011
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Apollo Beach
I have used the system approximately 10 times with cleaning after each use. It is in very good condition. ***I have modified the plug for a 240V. Comes with an insulated jacket and a custom Stainless Steel hop basket.

The Braumeister is an all-in-one, electric all-grain brewing system. Made by Speidel of Germany, the Braumeister features an automation and ease of use that is unparalleled in brewing all-grain beer at home. The continual re-circulation of wort during the mash results in a satisfactory efficiency.
The system is small in footprint and powered by electricity allowing you to brew inside, in a confined space, without the fear of carbon monoxide gas from a flame source. Teh system is very easy to use as you mash the grain and then boil the wort in the same vessel. Before you brew you set the controller with the different temperatures you wish to attain (advice is given on what to set) and the built in heating element and pump do the rest.

Technical Specifications for 20L Braumeister:
  • These units require a 220/230v connection.
  • Produces 23 L of Wort, which is about 20L finished beer
  • 2015 Controllers can store up to ten recipes for easy rebrewing!
  • 33 lbs
  • 2000 Watt built in heating capacity
  • 23 Watt pump
  • 26 inches tall
  • 16 inches in diameter
  • 13.2 lb max qty of malt
  • 230V (protection at least 10 amp), 50-60Hz
  • Max Fill Level = 25 L (Upper Marking on Center Rod)


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