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20 Gallon SS Sanitary Brewing System

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Apr 2, 2010
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This is a 20 G Gas-fired brew system with Electric Control box. I put this together 4 years ago but have never used due a work relocation. All connections are sanitary tri-clamps so this system can probably be set up as CIP (clean-in-place) if you installed spray balls. The only item not fully assembled (probably 80%) is the control panel, but you only need this if you want to fully automate (a simple off-the shelf PID will run the RIMS) - however I have all components.

- 20 g HLT with 3 sanitary connections for water inlet, temp probe, with butterfly valve outlet, 1" pickup tube, sanitary site glass
- 20 g MT with 3 sanitary connections for Rims wort inlet, temp probe, with butterfly valve outlet, false bottom, analog thermometer
- 20 g BK with 3 sanitary connections for Wort inlet, temp probe, with butterfly valve outlet, 1" pickup tube, sanitary site glass
- Sanitary Rims tube complete with 1,500 watt element, RTD temp probe,
- 2 large mounted banjo gas burners (BK & HLT) with infinitely variable controls, can use either LP or NG depending on jet selection
- Copper gas plumbing
- 2 Chugger pumps with stainless housing & tri-clamp connectors -
Silicone hoses (1/2" ID) plus all Tri-clamp connectors & clamps
- Adjustable arm for mounting electric control panel
- Electric control panel includes: 3 Auber PIDs, 3 switches, 3 alarms, wires, 40 A solid state relay, two 20 A relays, 10 A breaker, 20 A breaker, 12 vdc relay, 12 vdc power supply, 4 XLR connections, wires.
- I will consider selling these components separately, but want to first try to sell as an entire unit.

All components are top quality and cost over $3,500. First to offer $1,000 gets it.

(The wort filter & plate chiller shown are not for sale)

Video Links to the system and components follow:

That is a masterpiece, too bad that you aren't able to make use of it. It is easily worth 3X the price that you are asking.

If it wasn't for the fact that I have and Accountant Wife, I wouldn't mind have that on display in my house.

The gas tubes that you have for the pilot I assume are for a standing pilot. A pushbutton type of spark system, as on gas grills, would been another option.

I like the fact that you have it setup to add a third burner if needed for step mashes. I would have considered adding a valve manifold to avoid swapping hoses, which can get a bit hot and messy.

Good luck with your new brew rig.
To answer some of the questions ....

- Yes I am locate in Raleigh, NC
- As for shipping .... I will consider if I can't conclude a local sale first as I am frankly anxious about packing and shipping anywhere (not my skill set)
- Yes those vertical copper gas pipes directly under the burners that seem to go nowhere are intended for pilot lights (not yet added)
- Although designed or a 3rd burner below the MT if needed, the 110 vac RIMs would be my choice for step-mashing because of the PID
- The suggestion to add a SS valved manifold is a good one and still an option - I frankly did not have the confidence to try hard plumbing myself


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