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For Sale 20 Gallon Electric Brewery - Hot and Cold Sides - Grand Rapids Michigan - $2,700

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Dec 14, 2016
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I am selling the 20 gallon HERMS brewery that I've assembled. As of now I prefer to sell all together, but would separate the hot and cold sides. I will not ship, but could meet a buyer halfway driving. Everything functions well and equipment has been well maintained.

Hot Side - $2,000
  • Standard HERMS system
  • 2x Blichmann RipTide pumps (edited to add 2/26/2023)
  • Spike 20 gallon kettles with lids
  • All connections Quick Disconnect (or NPT for permanent fittings)
  • Controlled by a 50 Amp HoseHead controller
    • Can run both 5500 Watt heating elements at the same time - great for mash ins / back to back batches
    • Uses Strangebrew Elsinor but also set up for CraftBeerPi
  • HLT
    • All stainless
    • 5500 watt element
    • Thermowell for hot water temp
    • HERMS coil out temp probe (Mash Temp in)
  • Mash Tun
    • Spike false bottom
    • Temp probe for Mash temp out
  • Boil Kettle
    • 5500 watt element - set low enough so a 5 gallon batch is possible
    • Whirlpool port is low so a 5 gallon batch is possible
    • Thermowell
  • Counter flow copper chiller
    • Homemade
    • Similar to 'branded' ones.
    • straight 1/2" copper on wort side - easy to clean and no risk of clogging or low flow with heavily hopped beers
  • Various yeast propagation supplies, water adjustments, some bags of malt, tools, grain mill (probably a barley crusher, can't recall) hoses, etc.
  • 6" exhaust fan
  • Stainless Table
Cold Side - $3,000
  • Two SS Brewtech 14 Gallon Unitanks with heating and cooling
  • One 1/3 HP Glycol Chiller
  • Stainless Table
  • All connections triclamp
  • Various pieces of packaging equipment, including a Stainless mesh filter for heavily dry hopped beers.
  • 5 gallon ball lock kegs - sold separately
Miscellaneous Other Items - Available depending on buyers needs.
  • Large Sink (36" deep basin stainless)
  • Stainless shop vac
  • Drying racks
  • Cleaning supplies


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Bump. I am busy to the point now where I don’t brew frequently enough to warrant keeping my system. Make me an offer.
$4,000. I think this is a very good deal, but perhaps I am way off. System works great.

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