20 Gallon - 3 Vessel Single Tier - HERMS Homebrew System

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May 9, 2017
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I’m selling my HERMS system that I’ve incrementally built and upgraded over the last several years. Selling due to limited time/funds during grad school while house shopping, but it’s been a fun ride.

Listed below are the main components of the setup. If I forgot to mention something but it is attached to/in/on the brew system you can assume it is included in the sale with the only exceptions being the wooden mash paddle, stainless steel spoon, smaller stainless steel kettles under brew stand, and the spray bottles).

The photos were taken 10/20/2020.

  • (3) 20 gallon Mega Pot Kettles w/ lids (HLT, mash tun, boil kettle)
  • 17” Titan False Bottom in mash tun
  • Stainless Steel HERMS coil (50’ x ½” OD) located in HLT & attached with compression fittings
  • Counter flow chiller
  • Custom welded brew stand w/ 2 attached Banjo Burners (210,000 BTUs) for boil kettle and HLT. Stand sits on lockable medical grade casters.
  • (2) Steelhead pumps
  • 1 Steelhead original
  • 1 Steelhead 2.0 (smaller/quieter)
  • (2) Blichmann BrewMometers
  • (Male) Quick disconnect adapters on all ports/valves.
  • (Female) Quick disconnect adapters on high temp tubing ran to all various HERMS stages
  • Whirlpool 3 piece ball lock setup in boil kettle
  • 3 Propane tanks (I like to run one dedicated to each burner – Especially on back-to-back brew days, while having one stored away as a backup).
The Steelhead pump on a separate wood mounted piece can lean/stand upright as pictured or sit low underneath/just in front of kettles (oriented 90 degrees from pictured) while in use.

Located in San Jose, CA and accepting Cash or Venmo ONLY.

Current asking price: $2000

Please text 408-836-1744 for any inquiries - I typically am in meetings or in class so text works better.