2 weeks and yumny!

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Feb 1, 2009
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Saskatoon, Canada
well, i have about 6 bottles left of my first ale that still taste green apple-y but are still sitting in 70 room and they are getting better... gonna leave them for another month.

I know I can wait because............ tried my second batch jsut now, a lager "style" (ale yeast) after 2 weeks in bottle... lightly carbed and delicious!!! I am very happy, this is going to only get better.

I have an irish stout in bottle one week, and plan to make that hobgoblin clone right away got all the ingredienst (starter is bubbling nicely after 24 hours...)

this is the good news... I know what I am doing tonight after the kiddies are in bed... gonna have3 a couple more of this lager.

my wife is still in the hoispital it was supposed to be just one night but they told me today 2 or even 3 more nights! no, nothing is wrong just want to monitor her, etcet blah balh. i dont trust nurses and doctors much though... they tell me, "we need to monitor her thyroid" and im like, "why?".. well we need to that is what you do when you have your thyroid removed..
and im like, "uhm, ya... she didn;t have her thyroid removed."

KTHXBYE! omg, anyway i hoipe the Dr. comes in and tells us she can come home tomorrow and not on Sunday, !!!!!

ok thanks for listening to me my new anonomys beer drinking peopls.