2 weeks and still fermenting?

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Jun 22, 2013
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Hey all,

I did an all-grain Bier-de-Garde. Same recipe 3 times with Wyeast 3711 Saison yeast. Love that yeast. Might be my favorite or second favorite. However, the 4th time we switched it up and did Wyeast Bier-de-Garde yeast. Same recipe and everything, though pitch temp and ferm temp have been 67 instead of 75.

2 weeks later and still 2 inches of croisin on top, and bubbling at least once per minute. What are my next logical steps to determining the viablity of the beer. I want to take a wine thief and sanitize it and draw off enough to take the final gravity to check it out, but am worried about damaging the croisin, and I didn't take an OG. Any ideas?

I know your going to ask, so I'll try to give the recipe. Extract with specialty grains. Normally starts out at about 1.068 Original Specific Gravity, ends around 1.010. 1 oz of bittering hops and 3/4 and 1/4 additions at 30 and 15 minutes till flameout. Takes about 5 days to ferment out with Wyeast 3711 at 72- 75 degrees. The homebrew shop didn't have 3711 (dangit!) so I went with Wyeast Bier-de-garde. But you'd think I made up the story. Was it 3725? I don't know, I threw away the evidence and did not ziploc it and put it in the locker as exhibit A. Now if you look on Wyeast website for Bier-de-garde yeast it will harken you back to yesteryear. It's a private collection now and I have no idea what the number was, only that it was Wyeast and it said Bier-de-garde. So here we are two weeks later still bubbling. It bubbled really good first 3 days. (Then I left for 10 days, my wife was there to monitor, but was "happy to see it bubbling the whole time." I was not though. Usually it would ferment out quick. I used a 32 oz starter with 1 smack pack, started 12 hours before the pitch with a 1.040 starter.

Any ideas would be at least thought about.



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Jan 28, 2012
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Tampa Bay area
Are you able to warm it up to say 73-75? I found the descriptor on Wyeast's site and I'm almost positive it's the 3725 strain. I tried to cut and paste it here for you, but it's not cooperating with me. The temp range there showing is 70-84 and my thinking is maybe the cooler temp of 67, while just slightly under the ideal range, may be causing it go slow. Having said that the description also says it is not sluggish, but that's probably within those ideal temp parameters. I honestly would warm it if possible and give it a few days, then take your normal hydro readings over the next few days and see where you're at. If it weren't for the krausen I'd say it might be off gassing, but it sounds like it might be slowly chugging along.