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Florida (2) FastFerment Conical Fermenters

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Silent Five Brewing
Sep 5, 2011
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These two fermenters are being sold together. Includes:
- conical fermenter and collection bulb (2)
- lid and gasket (2)
- stopper for blow-off tube (1) (just need tubing)
- stopper and airlock (1)
- racking assembly (1) (just need tubing)
- sampling port (installed) (2)
- wall mount brackets and lag screws (2 sets)
- floor stand (2)
- carrying strap (1)
- stainless hop filter for dry hopping (1)

All for $200 firm - cash, PayPal, or credit card (swipe only). Local pickup only in Apopka, FL - no shipping.

The FastFerment is an awesome fermenter. I have brewed 20 wonderful beers over the last year and have not had any issues with these. (I have a third one I am keeping. I hope to start brewing again next summer.)