1st "troubled" batch?

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Jan 7, 2005
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Hey all,
I'm not sure if I have my 1st screwed up batch so figured I'd ask some long-timers. I made a Rasberry Honey Wheat with basically:

6lb Wheat Dry Malt Extract
1lb Clover Honey (at boil)
4oz Rasberry flavoring (at secondary)
Steep of some grains (flaked wheat/10L Crystal)
Styrian Golding, Liberty hops.
WL English Ale yeast (slurry)

This was my 1st batch that I did the slurry ferment (& she blew the top off). Anyhow, it's been in the bottles for about 10 days (72-74 temp) so I decide to cool and pop one open to see how they're doing. :( Not so good. Very minimal carbonation thus far (no head retention at all) and almost tastes like it did when I sampled before bottling. I tried a second bottle in case it was capped bad but was the same. I did this same exact recipe without the honey and with an apricot flavoring that was wonderful and nice carbonation and huge head retention and was complete in 14 days bottled and I'm pretty sure was basically similar at 10 days.

I've never had a batch yet (5 completed batches) that didn't carbonate by this time. Yep, tons of variables but the two new things for me was the slurry ferment / cover blastoff but I don't "think" its contaminated and the honey in the recipe. What do you think and/or past experiences in longer than usual carbonation times?