1st time brewer, how bad did i F*** up

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Apr 3, 2022
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Long Island, NY
Hey guys,

Last night i brewed my first batch of beer using the "Brew, Share, Enjoy" kit from the Northern Brewer. I made the block party amber and followed all the directions meticulously. After the boil was finished and cooled i added 1 gallon of cool water to the sanitized fermenter then added the wort and topped it off with more cool water to the 5 gallon mark (ALL PART OF THE INSTRUCTIONS) while topping it off with cool water it produced a significant amount of foam that actually rose above the top of the bucket. i took the spoon from the boil and skimmed off a decent amount of the foam BEFORE adding the yeast. I know the yeast needs the oxygen to ferment properly, but i can be overly anxious and paranoid and im kinda freaking out thinking i totally f'd up my first brew and am off to a terrible start. when i came downstairs this morning i just peaked and the airlock (full to the max line with sanitizer) has pressurized to the exit bubble so im assuming its doing something...

please help a noobie
No harm at all. It’s the O2 suspended in the liquid that the yeast will be accessing. Worst case. You lost a couple ounces of liquid that would have settled out when the bubbles bursted.