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Texas 17 Gallon Powered Fractionating Column Still

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Oct 11, 2008
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I'm in the North Dallas area and I'm selling my gently-used 17 gallon fractionating column still built professionally from heavy gauge 304 food grade stainless steel. It has a 3" stainless reflux column with four 2" sights. (The column can be packed with copper dish scrubbers or mesh so you get the strength and durability of stainless, with the flavor improvement you get from copper. Copper stills are easily damaged and corrode quickly, this still will last a century with proper use, and you replace the copper easily and cheaply as it degrades.)

There's a Thermowell professional grade thermometer at the top of the still. It can be operated in various modes, from basic power management, like a simple pot still (used to produce whiskey or moonshine), or activate the liquid-cooled reflux head (dephlagmator) which can produce exceptionally pure fuel-grade ethanol, vodka, or gin (using the also-included custom-built gin head to hold botanicals for infusion). It can also be used to produce essential oils.

Included is the power and controller unit, which is currently wired to plug into a standard 15-amp outlet. (If you have access to higher-amp outlets, you can change out the plug on the cord to draw more power, up to a potential of 11,000 watts.) This power unit alone retails for over $1000. (The still can also be set over a propane burner if you want to power it that way.)

Also included is a fountain pump in the event you want to lower your water usage by recycling the cooling water. I've set up lines and valves to control the flow of coolant through either/both the shotgun condenser arm and the dephlagmator. (You only use the dephlagmator if you're making very pure ethanol.)

The only thing you'll need to operate the still is some new food-grade tubing to direct your ethanol or distillate from the condenser arm into your collection vessel, and some copper dish scrubbers for packing.

Please note that it is NOT illegal to sell, purchase, or own a still in Texas or the United States. How you use the still can violate laws, so it's up to the buyer to ensure they are in compliance.

This setup would cost well over $2500 brand new. I'm asking $1500 firm. I will not ship the unit, I can arrange delivery in the DFW area, or you can pick it up.


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