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Mar 13, 2021
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Sparks, NV
Hey Everyone!
This past weekend we had a BLAST serving our Heretic/BrewChatter collaboration beer, Mo'Horni, with Jamil and Liz at our local Beer and Chili Festival! Our beer won out over 20 breweries, and BrewChatter and Heretic got to donate $1000 to the Fisher House! Good times!

We thought that since we had such a great time brewing and serving at the festival, let's spread some love to the rest of our homebrewing community! This week through Sunday at midnight, use the code HBT15 for 15% Off your entire cart. No limitations, no BS, just 15% off the top no matter what's in your cart!

If you aren't in Northern Nevada or Northern California and still want to try our collaboration, you can grab the Mo'Horni clone recipe! Unfortunately, the Hornindal strain is hard to come by right now, but we do carry Imperial Loki, Imperial Kveiking, and Lallemand Voss, all of which will play very well with this beer! And of course, all liquid strains ship Free 2 Day Air to all 50 States!

Brew ON Friends!!

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