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15 gallon electric pilot system - Denver

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Jul 13, 2014
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$4,200 Firm

I really love this system but haven't brewed on it yet. I bought it as a impulse buy about a month ago and did a water run on it but now I have bills to pay. I’m firm on the price because I rather keep it then get less for asking price. It is ready to brew.

30 amp Electric Brewing Supply Panel

Brewers Hardware 15 gallon HLT with Herms

Brewers Hardware 15 Gallon Mash with false bottom

Brewers Hardware 15 Gallon Brew Kettle with side whirlpool port

All triclamp and the kettles all have pick up tubes

Blichmann Riptide pump

Chugger Pump

Stainless Table

All hoses with triclamps, temp sensors, stainless 2″ trip clamp heating elements included. Each kettle has 1 butterfly valve, the rest are ball valves.

System is ready to go, plug in and brew. Pick up only, I’m in zip 80129