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Georgia 15 Gallon BCS Brewery FS

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Aug 8, 2016
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Blue Ridge
After much consideration I have decided to sell my 2 kettle 15 Gallon Electric setup.

This was designed and built last year by my father and me around a BCS-462. I have used it only twice before the BCS failed on me, and after having sent it it for repair and being told it was unrepairable it is currently without a controller. Since there are currently no BCS's available I debated replacing the controller with Brucontrol which would be a good fit with some minimal re-wiring. However, also owning a Zymatic I decided that is the way I will continue brewing for the foreseeable future.

On to the build:

2 Kettle 15 Gallon recirculating system.

BK - Spike brewing 15 Gallon with 5500 Watt Element, SS Float switch in kettle to ensure the element remains submerged(was programmed through ladder logic in BCS), sight glass (1 for level in kettle, 1 for flow from kettle), SS Hop Spider
MT - Brew Boss 15 Gallon with Cofi Filter

2 - Chugger pumps

3 - 2 Way SS Valves
3 - 3 Way SS Valves
2 - SS Flow Switches
5 - BCS Temp probes

Control Panel (Auber Instruments):
Built by my father a retired electrical engineer

30 Amp (Configured to allow 2 Heating Elements (run 1 at a time)
Separate 120/240v Sides (120v for constant power to BCS, 240v for Heating element
12v/5v Power Supplies
Separate meters for 120v/240v
SSR's/Contactors for elements/pumps
LED's for pump/valve status

Misc. extra Contactors/SSRs/LEDs and various SS fittings.

Basically the system was designed to recirculate from the BK through the Cofi filter in the MT using the heating element in the BK. All controlled by the temp probes and valves using the BCS to maintain mashing temp. In process It was staying within 1-2 degrees of the set temp.

SS Table included

Add a new controller and you are in business. As mentioned Brucontrol was what i was looking to do.

Have quite a bit invested in this, but don't need it and would like to see someone else use this.

Asking $1800 for everything, but open to reasonable offers. Located in North Georgia Mountains, but might be able to travel a reasonable distance. Might consider parting out.

IMG_20180219_090922.jpg IMG_20180219_091250.jpg IMG_20180219_091253.jpg IMG_20180219_093136.jpg IMG_20180219_091258.jpg IMG_20180219_091314.jpg IMG_20180219_091314[1].jpg IMG_20180219_091318.jpg IMG_20180219_091338.jpg IMG_20180219_091347.jpg
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