120V 2250W Element Provided Notable eBIAB Improvements

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Dec 30, 2015
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Farmington Hills, MI
I just evaluated a Wort Hog eBIAB system that used the Blichmann 120V 2250W boil coil. I've done reviews of a few different systems with the 1500 - 1600W heating elements on 120V. Overall, these got the job done, but left me impatient after experiencing the speed of brewing on a 5500W 240V system. In my brew area in the basement, I put in a dedicated circuit just for eBIAB systems, but went with 120V (20A circuit).

I've wanted to try the 2250W coil for a long time, and I was pleased with the result. My temperature rise times were cut in half (2 degrees/second vs. 1 degree/second on 1500-1600W systems), and I was finally able to get a good rolling boil out of it, almost on par with my gas set-up with just under 1 gallon of boil-off per hour. (Now this being said, I attended some great sessions at recent Portland Homebrew Con that provided some good knowledge saying that vigorous boil isn't that important.)

Anyway, if you've just looked at 120V systems and thought the 1500-1600W power is the best you can get, there's a lot of benefit still to be had on 120V without the cost of 240V wiring, breakers, outlets if you go with 2250W. Link to my full review is below.

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