Specialty Smoked Beer 100% Peated Ale

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Gerry D

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Jul 14, 2022
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Just got back into brewing after a long hiatus and this is going to be one of my upcoming brews. Just a question about toasting the malt. I plan on toasting it on the stovetop and not roasting in the oven. Do you toast the first pound (lightly toasted) like oatmeal, about 5 to 7 minutes until it smells nutty and the second pound (medium roasted) until it changes to the color of brown malt? I like to have my process planned out ot a T so brew day goes as smoothly as possible. Thanks for the advice. Slainte!


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Jan 7, 2019
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Valle Lacrimarum
Old thread, but it convinced me to do it.

1lb wheat malt (I add this to all my beers)
14lb peated malt
2oz of roasted barley (for color)

5g batch
1.25oz magnum at the start of boil

2oz wood chips, heavy toast, two weeks

Kveik m12 yeast


10% abv

Tastes like Laphroaig at bottling. Drank half a pint out of carboy. Tastes green but I really enjoyed it.
Sure, old but inspirational thread.
So it inspired me to create a beer similar rather to Falstaff's than Alchemist's version.
Don't feel like opening a dedicated thread, so will post my recipe here to add to the collective experience on highly-peated beers.
My brewing volume is non-standard, so I post percents and IBUs instead of weights.

Ca 120 • Mg 14 • SO 60 • Cl 50
Simpsons Heavily Peated Malt (82 ppm) - 84%
Torrefied Barley - 6%
Dark Crystal Malt - 6%
Black Rye Malt - 4%
Mash 60' @64°C
Mash 60' @70°C
Boil 60'
Fuggle (α5.6) - 22 IBU @60'
Lalbrew Voss Kveik
Primary @28°-24°C - 17 Days
Carbonation 2v

An awesome beer! Fullness and sweetness balance the peat perfectly. The beer has a massive peat aroma but surprisingly little of it transfers into the flavour and taste. To date, I've brewed 3 other peated beers too, a 12% peat malt Porter, and two 50% peat malt Saisons. This one is the best of them all. I think I've found the golden spot: if I want it peaty, I'll want it sweet and chewy. In the Porter ans Saisons, the peat stood much less pleasant against the slight tartness typical to those two styles. Here, the balance is perfect. Will definitely brew it again sometime, not changing a thing (besides upping the strength to the 8-8.5% range).