10" Banjo Burner

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Feb 15, 2009
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Hill Country, TX
I bought 2 of the BG-14 burners with 30psi adjustable regulators. I am using bottled propane. I mounted one of them in the single tier system I'm building. I have read all of the burner threads I can find and still have a couple of questions:
1) How far from the top of the burner to the bottom of the keggle?
2) How tall is the blue flame supposed to be?
I tried several combinations after dark and the most efficient (longest and bluest) flame is pretty low, maybe 1 1/2" tall. The regulator is turned down pretty low and the air plate is closed off quite a bit. The burner, hose, and connections are clean.
3) Is this normal
Thanks for the help - Dwain


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Jul 29, 2007
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I have 3 banjos on my brutus, 2 are the new style one is the old style. While testing it I found 4.5in from tips to surface that the keg sits on to be the best distance. as for the regulator you are going to want to turn it up pretty high (20-30psi) and open up the air flow near wide open. The nice little blue cones will group into one big one at the center. I cant get the flame 100% blue but I can get it pretty close with just a little bit of yellow on the outside. Hope this helps.