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Withdrawn 1 Barrel Brewing Equipment in the SF Bay Area $3000 obo

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Aug 22, 2022
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San Jose, California
For sale Stout Tanks and Kettles 1 Barrel Brewing Setup

Used less than 10 times, it is in excellent condition.

Stout Tanks 1 Barrel stainless steel system with sanitary welds, tri clamps fittings , thermometers.

40 Gal. Hot Liquor Tank with Thermowell, Stainless HERMS Coil, Sight Glass, (1) 3/4in. Valve, (3) 1/2in. Hose Barbs, 8 Clamps/Gaskets

40 Gal. Mash Tun with thermowell and recirculation fitting. Includes 3/4in. ball valve, (2) 1/2in. hose barbs, 3 clamps/gaskets

45 Gal. Brew Kettle with Thermowell, Tangential Inlet, and Sight Glass. Includes (2) 3/4in. ball valves, (2) 1/2in. hose barbs, (6) clamps/gaskets (2 for sight glass, 4 for valves/barbs)

40 Gal. Conical Fermenter with T/C style thermowell, (2) 1.5in.. butterfly valves, (1) 3in. T/C Port, (1) 1.5in. T/C Port in Lid, and (1) 1/2in. Elbow Hose Barb Adapter

Sparge Arm, 12in. long, with 2 clamps/gaskets, (1) 1.5in. end cap.

90 degree hose barb adapter, 3/8in. hose x 1.5in. tri clamp fitting.

Manufacturer’s website -(https://conical-fermenter.com)

Johnson Digital Temp Controller

Custom Welded Steel Frame (on lockable wheels) with three 164,000 BTU Bayou Classic Banjo burners 10 inch (adjustable height)

High pressure propane setup (I just installed a high pressure regulator and checked that all burners work)

March Nano Brewery Pump

Chugger Stainless Steel head Pump

Numerous Tri Clamp gaskets

Numerous valves

1/2 inch silicone tubing

inline charcoal water filter

5 gallon Kegs

Parts for building a pump control panel

Hot water stand for the fermentor

No parting out, available for local pickup in the SF bay area.

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Here is a picture of the fermenter that is included.


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