1.5" x 1" TC sight glass

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Jun 17, 2011
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North County, San Diego
1.5" stainless steel tri-clover/tri-clamp sight glass for home brewing or wine making. 1" borosilicate glass. This is basically brand new, it may have been hooked up and had a small amount of water run through it while I was designing my home brewery. I ended up with extra parts and have 2 of these sitting around.
This is high quality and very heavy duty construction (weighs almost a pound more than my other normal 1.5" sight glasses) with capped end nuts and is sold by Brewers Hardware for $60 including tax and shipping.
Asking $30 each + shipping based on zip (estimating around $10-$15/each). Also available for local pick up, North County, San Diego
I'm also selling a Johnson Controls A419 prewired controller with 6' cords and temp probe, 3' x 11" heat wrap, 1.5" tc tee and tc carb/oxygenation/aeration stone. Prices and photos available on request


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