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  1. Gregory T

    Zombie Dust BJCP

    I am brewing a Zombie Dust clone for a friend. (I don't drink bitter beer). I brew Belgians exclusively, but I thought it would be fun to try something different. Anyway, Id like to enter it into our local contest, Brewer's Cup, assuming they hold it. I am also brewing from a kit for the second...
  2. D

    I made a Zombie Dust clone using 2 year old yeast!

  3. D

    Live Beer Review Zombie Dust Clone

    LIVE Beer Review Tonight or Today depending on where you live off course. Will be reviewing a Zombie Dust Clone from a Swedish homebrewer. Pop in if you have the time. Trying to master Mobile Live Streaming. Hopefully, everything goes well this time. Cheers DrHans TIME: Swedish 19:30 UK 6:30pm...
  4. Tpost704

    Brewing a Zombie Dust clone....water and alkalinity for mash and sparge

    I am planning a 5 gallon Zombie Dust clone partial mash (recipe below) and am a bit confused by the alkalinity of my water. I got my ward labs results back (also below) and have been playing around with it in Bru'n Water. I understand that my alkalinity is high in my source water. I figured...
  5. thirstypanda

    To coldcrash or not to coldcrash

    I'm putting together my strategy for a 5g Zombie Dust IPA and was wondering if coldcrashing at the end of fermentation would be worthwhile? It would mean a whole lot of disturbing the fermenter to get it to my fridge. I did a well hopped PA and it came out crystal clear without whirlflock...