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  1. S

    Zesty Peel Citrus IPA

    Hi all! I wanting to make a Zesty, Citrusy IPA (Elvis Juice meets Tangerine Dream and more!, around 5%ish. Using extract malts and hops, 23l. 14 EBC. I have to my disposal, Fresh Oranges and Tangerines, Lemons and Limes for zest. Orange vodka tincture extract, candied citrus pieces. My...
  2. stromam

    Orange Dreamsicle Experiment

    Hey everyone, I have a little experiment in mind and would love to get some second opinions. I just made up a 4 gallon batch of straight mead, just honey, water, nutrient and yeast, OG 1.070. I plan on splitting it into 4 one gallons after primary is done. I know what I'm going to do...