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  1. B

    Bacteria math

    Can someone help me out please, I’m trying to do some math. I know most yeast packets say “contains 100 billion yeast cells” but how much bacteria is in this. I can’t figure out what it says. I plan on doing a sour and wanted to compare the numbers to other options. I’m trying to do the math of...
  2. N

    Freeze-dried yogurt cultures for Berliner Weisse

    I am going to make a Berliner Weisse but around here where I live it´s very very difficult to get some lacto strain specifically for beer. But I can get some yogurt cultures ( Danisco yogurt cultures) so I wanna give it a try. I have couple of conserns and questions involving what strain to use...
  3. J

    Lacto from yogurt?

    I've been thinking about making a sour and harvesting lacto from a yogurt culture. I read this post where OP used a unique drink called Bio-Salud to get some lacto bugs but he said that the culture contains L. acidophilus...