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  1. LilYeasty

    First time using A24 imperial yeast- lagging

    Hey guys, First time poster, long timer reader. Thought I would share my NEIPA status. It goes not so great. Been about 25 hours since pitching yeast into about 76-78 degree wort. I quick-cooled it down to 64 by turning fermenter on blast (about 3 hours on). it got down to a good temp and...
  2. PHayward81

    First time cider (wild and crab apples), bottle carb'ed, tastes yeasty... bottle aging?

    Hi, first time poster and first time cider maker here. I'm an all-grain brewer who wanted to try a cider from wild apples growing around my property. The question: My cider has been in the bottle one week (I know that's way too young) but it has a yeasty, bread taste. Will this resolve from...