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    Simple Yeast Storage Procedure

    Simple Yeast Storage Procedure Sanitize or sterilize jars. (Mason jars work nicely for this purpose. A quart size jar which will hold about 300 billion cells) Leave behind about an inch of beer when racking the beer off the yeast cake. Swirl the fermentor to suspend the yeast. (Avoid...
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    Members, Yeast washing has been a joy to do, but identifying which layer is which, has been a nightmare. After reading as many articles as possible; I still find myself looking at my washed yeast like a deer in the headlights. If someone could possible look at my washed yeast (Wyeast Irish ale)...
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    Lager Yeast Wash - Problems?

    See pic. My first attempt at washing yeast and I don't see a nice thick layer of yeast like I expected. Do I just a narrow layer of healthy yeast or do lager yeasts separate differently? This was the wyeast Czech Pilsner 1523815326659-1516839145 by bigrbuk posted Apr 15, 2018 at 6:02 PM