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  1. Perry266

    Turned yeasty in bottles, not in fridge

    I made 5 gallons of blueberry mead. After the third rack, I made 4 bottles, (all I had) and left the rest in one gallon containers in the refrigerator. I shared a bottle with some friends, but it had changed. It was yeasty as heck. The jugs in the fridge were fine. They were all from the...
  2. PHayward81

    First time cider (wild and crab apples), bottle carb'ed, tastes yeasty... bottle aging?

    Hi, first time poster and first time cider maker here. I'm an all-grain brewer who wanted to try a cider from wild apples growing around my property. The question: My cider has been in the bottle one week (I know that's way too young) but it has a yeasty, bread taste. Will this resolve from...