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  1. M

    DIY Stir Plate Build

    As many home brewers have no doubt experienced, yeast can be one of the more difficult variables to control in the brewing process. Much like an impressionable youngster, yeast requires just the right conditions in order to thrive and therefore become successful in its efforts to produce...
  2. V

    Get To Know Your Yeast - Making A Starter

    A typical Saturday brewday for me begins on Monday before sitting down to eat dinner. After picking up the liquid yeast vials needed for my recipe I boil up a batch of yeast starter wort made from extra light dried malt extract and filtered water. My LHBS The Brewers Apprentice stocks Munton's...
  3. Asator

    Next Step In Continued Improvement

    Hello, I'm a relatively new brewer, six 5-gallon extract brews under my belt. I feel like I'm steadily improving with each batch. I've come a long way from my first batch, a pale ale that ended up getting dumped, that was brewed on an electric stove in a 3 gallon stockpot. I now have an...
  4. B

    Omega OYL-605 yeast starters - scaling up from 5g to 10g batches

    What’s up B’s and G’s. Looking to scale up kettle sours from 5 gallon to 10 gallon batches. I typically follow Omega’s directions for 5 gallon batches. 1 liter starters at 1.040 for wort that is 1.033 OG. I’ve read that Lance Shaner from Omega said that one liter starters would effectively sour...
  5. beerisyummy

    making yeast starters

    So I'm using a stir plate with my yeast starter just for the second time now. I was wondering how long to let it stir, so I searched through some threads on HBT. I saw a lot of comments like this one: "I do 48 hours. 24hrs on the plate then 12hrs resting and then 12hrs cold crash. I then pour...