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  1. DrGarbonzo

    yeast rafts?

    Hey, just looking for a confirmation on yeast rafts vs mold here. Day 3 since brewing, slight airlock activity and signs of what is likely yeast “dust” down the sides. Are some wild yeasts top-feeding? I harvested the yeast from my yard, so I’m expecting it to have some trouble but would rather...
  2. F

    Cloudy secondary.

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting to The Forum. I have some questions about a cider I was making. My first attempt at cider actually. I got a cider brewing kit from Midwestern Brewing Company. I then received a 6.5 gallon carboy from a friend. I picked up some freshly pressed cider...
  3. dancphotog

    Oh Noes! Yeast rafts?

    I was browsing some of the photos in here and I saw someone that posted pix of their brew that they thought was infected. Then I go to move my Belgium Red Ale into 2ndary and I see the same thing. Hovever, after being in the carboy for a week, I think the white-ish substance has fallen. I'm...