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  1. F

    making cider juice from apple jelly?

    i made some apply jelly last year and froze some. its basically apple juice+sugar+lemon juice without anything else. could i mix some with water and brew it for a little apple juice with a kick? i will have some Lavin 1118 in the near future, would this be a suitable yeast? somebody tried this...
  2. F

    Brewing Wild Fruit/Spruce = Lavin 1118 question

    hello people. i have brewed everything in the past from ginger beer to wild picked flowers, always with bread yeast and never a failure. (except on time i did a tropic molasses brew that tasted like cancer) i recently bought some Lavin 1118 to step into the next level and planning to brew some...
  3. Esben

    Beer frozen... Help!

    Unfortunately my homebuilt temperature controlled fermentation freezer went haywire and froze my Hefe Weizen in the making. Primary fermentation was done (one week in, no more bubbles). Should I repitch or will any yeast (wlp300) have survived at all? Help :(
  4. iR Polly

    Different Strains of yeast, will it work?

    I've been brewing since January made a few average brews, a few good brews and one total failure. The yeasts I've used was always those supplied with the recipe and never deviated. But I've been wondering what would happen If you were to combine a Lager and an Ale yeast in the same batch...