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  1. L

    Issue with stuck fermentation after pitching more yeast and increasing temp.

    Hi all, I am brand new to brewing/the forum and wanted to get some insight into an issue with a DIPA I've been trying to brew. Starting gravity was 1.085 (expected FG 1.015-1.020), and fermentation in the coming days was great (vigorous bubbling for a few days, tapered off after ~3 days). I...
  2. Brentranome

    First time cider- "Even stink would say that stinks."

    I just did my first ever batch of cider (4.5 gal), made from honey crisp apples at a local orchard owned by friends (Let no man ever complain of free cider), and I added in crushed campden tablets and let it rest in a fermenter for 36hrs. After that, I dry pitched the yeast and let it sit for 2...