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  1. R

    Yeast Breeding

    Hello Everyone, my first post here on the forum. :) Question about yeast. My thinking is, since it's alive and it reproduces and grows, why should we buy yeast for every batch? Could you not just start a culture with a dropper-full and let it do its thing? maybe it takes a while to get to...
  2. L


    Members, Yeast washing has been a joy to do, but identifying which layer is which, has been a nightmare. After reading as many articles as possible; I still find myself looking at my washed yeast like a deer in the headlights. If someone could possible look at my washed yeast (Wyeast Irish ale)...
  3. BandonBrewingCo

    Is this trub or yeast?

    Looking at the middle layer the lack of stratification has me wondering if it is indeed yeast or just proteins and gunk? Also, now I've added a hop sock for dry hopping to my shopping list.
  4. triletter

    Will this work? Active top cropping of yeast.

    Doing 10 gal of Altbier using Imperial's Kaiser for fermentation. When I did the yeast build it formed an humongous krausen. I have had a couple of blow offs using my SS conical and thought what if I could harvest some of the blow off yeast instead of killing it in StarSan. So I put together an...