yeast build up

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  1. Iowa Brewer


    Are these yeast floats? It's been 16 days since brew day and I've never seen a collection like this show up on the walls of my carboys. Going to check it tonight, but thought I'd get your insights during the long work day? Is there cause for concern? Thanks! Ps. This is an Northern English...
  2. M

    Infected or yeast pockets?

    Hello! Super new home brewer (only 3rd brew). I brewed an oatmeal stout back in around November. I moved it to the second fermentation in December. I’ve heard of most people keep stouts in longer, so I was just getting ready to bottle it and saw these bubbles on the surface. I tried looking up...
  3. R

    Calculating PBW ounces to Tablespoons

    My search to find out how many Tablespoons vs. Ounces of PBW rendered many DIFFERENT conclusions. So, I went out and bought a digital scale to figure out the answer. However, my results are not close enough to everything I’ve read, so I’ll open this up here for discussion. The scale I bought...