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  1. Eric Carbobiach

    Frozen Yeast

    Hello, friends! Here I'm again. I'm a newbie in the yeast banking. Besides yeast slurry and dry kveik, I have no experience with another forms to mantain a yeast bank. For reasons of storage space and time, I've chosed use a frozen stock. I'm following the instructions from this post...
  2. L


    Members, Yeast washing has been a joy to do, but identifying which layer is which, has been a nightmare. After reading as many articles as possible; I still find myself looking at my washed yeast like a deer in the headlights. If someone could possible look at my washed yeast (Wyeast Irish ale)...
  3. MockY

    Saving yeast and dealing with the zombies

    I have a yeast bank with around 10 different strain that I rotate through. I save yeast via larger than necessary starters, and not from slurries. Basically, I generally brew something with the oldest ones in the bank just to keep them healthy and somewhat fresh, and the bank therefor tells me...
  4. B

    Starting a Yeast Bank

    I am to the point where i need/want to start a yeast bank. I've read several yeast propagation methods here, but haven't seen anything like what i am thinking of doing. The big worry is contamination. I've put new wort on cake from my primary and it worked fine, but it seems risky since i dont'...