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    Advice/opinions on size of a yeast starter

    Hello I am no stranger to making starters. Often when I bottle beer, I will pour off the yeast cake, and store it in mason jars that I have sterilized in boiling water. I then will decant and store in a fridge, then later when i want to use it, take a jar and make a 1L starter with about 100g...
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    A mother’s worry about alcohol in baked goods?

    Hello all. My apologies in advance as I come to you with no knowledge about anything brew related. I found this forum online and thought you bunch would be a good resource to ask my question (which I am sure some of you may think is crazy and will laugh at me!). So, here we go (any scientists on...
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    Amount of yeast

    I am new to cider making and was wondering... my first batch of cider will be around 13-15 litres.... 3.3 gallons or thereabouts. I have bought the Lalvin EC-1118 wine yeast. It says that a 5g sachet will be sufficient for 5 gallons. Am I best to put it all in, or would you measure the correct...
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    Did the kit contain enough yeast?

    We're brewing our first beer soon. This first time we're using a kit to make sure we get the basics under control. The recipe is for an IPA with an initial gravity target of 1.063. Mr. Palmer's How to Brew book suggests we will need about 304 billion yeast cells for 5 gallons of fermentable...
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    How much yeast do i need ?

    Hello, I will make my second beer, and it will be a Russian Imperial Stout. I want to use Fermentis Be-256 yeast as dry, and batch size will be around 20 liters. So, my question is, how much yeast is enough for that kind of beer ? 11,5 gr., or more ? Also, what is the criteria when deciding...