yeast alcohol tolerance

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  1. H

    Help me.

    I know 25% alcohol tolerance for wlp 099. However, it brewed an Imperial Stout of 20 liters, which was an og 1.138. Ten days later the FG was 1.082. Of course, I made a four-liter starter. Is the fermentation speed slow at 099? I plan to add one more 099 . What do you think?
  2. Mickey Lane

    Additional yeast to finish high ABV batch?

    Need advice on adding a little yeast to finish the ferment and to bottle condition. Yes? No? What kind? I made a 5 gal batch using a recipe from the local supply house for a Delirium Tremens clone. It was mostly DME with a couple of grains to season. They were out of their preferred yeasts so...
  3. H

    Dry yeast alcohol tolerance?

    Hi. Recently, i brewed imstout. This wort OG was 1.108 I used 2 pack of us-05. But 2 weeks after wort FG was 1.046.. I did aeration at 2 times (before in the fermenter and after primary at 16 hours) I want to brew high alcohol imperial stout..(abv13~15%) I wonder alcohol tolerance of mangrove...
  4. D

    High Gravity Stout Fermentation

    I brewed my own recipe that started with Northern Brewers Dragon's Silk extract kit as the base recipe. (See recipe here: https://www.northernbrewer.com/documentation/beerkits/DragonsSilk.pdf) My intention was to add lactose, bourbon soaked vanilla beans cocoa nibs and medium toast oak cubes to...
  5. EnVinoVeritas

    Yeast Suggestion - Double IPA

    Here is the recipe I wanted to model after..."Damn Devil Double IPA" Damn Devil Double IPA --------------------- Brewer: DT Style: Imperial IPA Batch: 5.00 gal Characteristics --------------- Recipe Gravity: 1.128 OG Recipe Bitterness: 152 IBU Recipe Color: 14° SRM Estimated FG: 1.032 Alcohol...