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  1. Evan La Marr

    High Temp Fermentation - Saison

    The highest approved temp I’ve seen advertised for a Saison yeast is 80°, but I’ve seen several posts on one forum or another by brewers who say the let theirs get between 80°-95°. What’s the deal with the discrepancy? Has anyone had a positive experience with letting theirs get above 80°? If...
  2. iamleescott

    Yeast Suspension - It Won't Settle

    I brewed a Northern Brown Ale weeks's been racked and sat in my cold cellar for approx 3 weeks now. I've attempted to drink a couple of bottles which had sat in my fridge for a couple of days... The beer has a dominating yeast taste which isn't's super cloudy with the...
  3. Lonmarg

    Light Yeast Aftertaste - Filtering?

    So I've been brewing beer for around 7 years and I feel I have my system down pretty well. I haven't had a batch go bad in years, I have a forced carbonation system and a chest freezer to control temperature when fermenting and generally my beers turn out pretty good. However, when comparing...