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  1. fcorna

    Density decreases but no bubbles

    Hi, Reaching out to the community for a brew we made last Sunday. At the end of the brewing, we diluted the yeast in slightly warm water before adding it to the fermentation bucket. We also added sugar (17 g/l) as per the recipe in the brew kit we bought. Here are pictures of density measures...
  2. J

    Graff with Champagne Yeast & Ale Yeast

    Hey Cider Gurus, Here for another deep dive into my thought process and to get your feedback. So I am looking to improve upon a graff I made a couple months back that turned out excellent, but a little too sweet (lip smacking) and low ABV (4.5%) Essentially, what I think happened, the...
  3. Rett03

    Is my yeast top or bottom fermenting?

    I am on my first ever batch of beer and I had a concern about yeast. I used active dry yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) which is a top-fermenting yeast, but as the fermentation started, it looks like a bottom fermenting reaction. There’s about 1/8 to 1/4 inch of sediment on the bottom and no...
  4. ElliotFekete

    Fermentation Stunted

    Hi, I'm in the process of brewing a Morgan's Dockside stout. Currently I'm 2 weeks into fermentation, and it's stunted at 1.020 for the past three days. Should I get some more yeast and add it into the fermenter to get it across the line? Or should I just bottle it? (would only be approx 3%...
  5. azbirazbira

    Dry hop on day 5 of fermentation

    Hello everyone. I am joining from Turkey. I've been making whole grain beer for many years. But I see myself at the beginning of the road. Because I have so much to learn. :) Now I want to ask you about one of them. I brewed a smash beer from my own grown cascade hops and poured it into the...
  6. B

    To discard or not discard_that is the question

    Hi, I was interested to know about the community's thoughts. I have recently made another batch of Hefeweissen (my favourite beer), but I am still finding that I am tweaking the processes every time I am making in order to make a better and better tasting beer. Never could get the same as the...
  7. M

    Liquid Yeast shipped HOT

    Hello All, I am just getting back into brewing after 5 years or so. After taking up beekeeping several years ago I decided to have a go at some Mead and ordered WLP720 from Norther Brewer. They packaged it well enough but its up in the triple digits here in Texas and my yeast showed up hot to...
  8. Northern_Brewer

    How long can you leave liquid yeast after the best-before date?

    It seems to be a regular question, how long before liquid yeast is dead or unusable. Well here's proof that you can revive liquid yeast that's nearly 5 years old, this was an out-of-date pack of WLP540 that I got from the old Hop & Grape ages ago, then with one thing and another I didn't get...
  9. D

    Question about yeast activity

    Hello, good day. First timer here with brewing and in the forum. I'm making a hefeweizen beer which has been fermenting for 16 days. I'm fermenting 10 liters (2.5g) in a plastic 20l (5g) carboy. I know it's not the best, but it's what i had at hand. So far the beer looks fine and through the...