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  1. J

    DIY Chillers on a Budget - Counter-Flow Chiller

    We all know the economy is bad and everybody is broke. Does that mean it's gonna stop us from brewing? HELL NO! So why waste $150 on a Counter-flow Wort Chiller from your local home brew shop, when you can build your own for around $55. This project requires some basic tools, basic skills, and...
  2. J

    DIY Wort Chillers on a Budget

    As every brewer knows, a wort chiller is an essential piece of equipment in your homebrewing inventory. Use of a wort chiller can drastically increase the rate at which you chill and decrease the chance of infection before transferring to your fermenter. It can also create cold break, which will...
  3. M

    Florida selling everything homebrew - entire set up all grain

    After 10 years i am giving up home brewing. Have loads of items in great shape. Local pick up only in safety harbor. Would prefer to sell the whole lot for $999 obo. See attach d pdf.