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  1. duffy5018

    Parti-gyle Belgian Quad/Sour Saison

    Ok. So. I'm brewing a Belgian Quad next weekend, a recipe I've brewed 2x before, that is pretty darn good. But! I've always hated throwing out 15# of grain that I know are still full of sweet worty goodness. But! I've never wanted to deal with the parti-gyle before. But! now I'm going to. What...
  2. Kent88

    non-traditional cider apple varieties

    So I have been looking for apple varieties for fermentation, and the best I could find was here. Thing is, besides McIntosh, Liberty, and Cortland, these aren't really the varieties I typically find in either the produce section of the grocery store, or the gurneys or jung catalogs. Are there...
  3. Kent88

    When & with what to funkify?

    I'm early in the process of planning a lambic-style-ish brew, just had some questions. Planning a 5-gallon brew. I've been finding plenty of yeasts, bacteria, and blends to use. I've seen a some recipes where Wyeast 3278 is pitched by itself right after cooling, and some where it is pitched a...