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    Setting Up A 50 Gallon Home Brewery In Portugal

    After many years of working overseas in hot climates, my wife and I agreed that we could never settle back in the UK again with its predictably dismal climate. There followed a lengthy process of elimination regarding our eventual retirement location. After considering and rejecting far-flung...
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    World Beer Week 1:05 - Craft Beer Cities Across Europe

    My favorite holiday is a beercation – a holiday devoted to sampling the local beers and beer culture of a city. There are so many obvious places to go to, but Europe has a rich brewing history and there are many hidden gems off the beaten beery path. Spain and Portugal Starting in Portugal and...
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    World Beer Week 1:04 - The Iberian Craft Beer Movement

    The revolution sweeping Europe has blossomed in Spain and Portugal as craft breweries have flourished on the Iberian Peninsula. Home brewers who shared their beers with family and friends are being encouraged to take the next step and produce larger volumes of their craft beers so discerning...
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    World Beer Week 1:03 - Regional Histories of Sour Beer

    The idea of sour beer is fairly simple; sweet wort undergoes a spontaneous fermentation when wild yeast is introduced into the mix. This then leads to the production of alcohol and a sour flavor (usually from lactic acid). We can announce this lovely fact today because thousands upon thousands...
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    World Beer Week 1:02 - Australia's Beer Scene

    World Beer Week celebrates the best of beer around the world, and Australia is a proud member of the beer drinking family, with more beer drunk per capita than the USA. That's even despite a slump of beer consumption as the people Down Under go for more wine and cider in recent times. The truth...
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    World Beer Week 1:01 - Kent, England's Garden of Beer

    Editor's note: Come with us as we travel the World of beer all week long. This is the first of several articles full of rich history and great information. Enjoy! Kent is synonymous with British beer. The garden of England’s fertile ground has grown the hops that have come to define British beer...