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  1. N

    Aging with rare woods

    A while back I got into the idea of using non-standard, or even rare, woods to age/mature whiskey. The foray that put a pause on that was pawpaw wood, which has acetogens and can be pretty doggone deadly. I want to try acacia confusa wood (because, ya know, fun to try) but my big question is...
  2. R

    Star San leaked and turned box and wood flooring black. Is this mold, rot or a chemical reaction. Is this unsafe?

    I had a mini bottle of starsan in a cardboard box within a cardboard box under my bed with the cardboard box laying sideways. I stored it this way for about a year. Today, I’m looking under my bed and I see that the wood flooring and cardboard box are black in certain spots. I checked the...
  3. FloppyKnockers

    Alamo beer (King of the Hill) tap handle (pic heavy)

    My first keg set-up had two taps so I made a pair of tap handles (shameless plug) that features beers from The Simpsons and Family Guy. Since my latest bar build (another shameless plug) I gained a tap. So I took this opportunity to make a third tap handle from another one of my favorite...
  4. burntgraphite

    Anyone experiencing charring on their wooden brew stand?

    Specifically, my question is; does anyone who places their burners on stands on top of a wooden brew stand experience any charring with the wooden top? Also, can you please let me know what kind of burner you're using? I'm trying to establish the rough temperature range that I can expect to see...
  5. alexnphillips

    Our brand new tower

    We just finished building our brew tower. Her name is black betty. Four tier gravity fed system. Let me know what you think. Its posted on my brew partners website. http://www.brewmorebeer.com/building-a-brew-tower