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  1. CascadesBrewer

    Band-Aid/Plastic Flavors from WLP500?

    I brewed a Belgian Pale Ale that has some plastic/band-aid flavors. I am trying to nail down the source. I feel like the yeast/fermentation is the most likely source, but I am not sure. At the end of May I brewed a split batch of a Dubbel, with 2.5 gal fermented with WLP500 and 2.5 gals...
  2. Gnomebrewer

    Belgian Golden Strong Ale The Mighty Gnome

    I love a good yeast driven beer. How satisfying is it to brew something that ends up with flavours that you didn't even add, thanks to the work of our microscopic friends? That was my challenge with brewing a strong, pale Belgian beer - brew a big, pale Belgian beer without using spices, that...
  3. L

    Krausen doesn't look yeasty for top cropping

    Hi all, As the title says I'm hoping to try top cropping yeast for the first time but it doesn't look yeasty like pictures/videos I've seen or past beers I've brewed. It looks more like general beer head, have I missed my opportunity or is there still hope? The yeast is Wlp500 which had a...