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  1. R

    Suggestions for a Blanche De Bruxelles Clone

    Over the past year I've gone through 7 iterations of trying to clone Blanche De Bruxelles Witte Beer. I'm not a big fan of the wit style but I've always really liked BdB and now that I've gone through this exercise, I think the reason why I like it is due to how sweet and fruity it is compared...
  2. H

    Wit Beer Split: Whiteout vs Kveiking

    Had a bunch of cilantro go to seed this year so decided to make a wit beer. The coriander was a smaller seed than the kind I've bought at the homebrew store and taste a lot different as well. More citrusy, less of the somewhat meaty flavor coriander has... Wanted to make it interesting by...
  3. BeatnikTom

    Witbier BrunchMaster 2000 - Belgian Wit - Gold Medal 2018 NHC

    This is a super thick, super orangey, single hop/hop-bursted Amarillo Wit. 6 lbs Flaked Wheat 4 lbs Briess 2-Row Brewer's Malt .25 lbs Flaked Oats Add rice hulls if you're not smart enough to be BIAB'ing. :) .65oz 9%AA Amarillo @ 20 min .5 oz 9%AA Amarillo @ 15 min 1 oz 9% AA Amarillo @ 0 min...
  4. D

    Fresh Bergamots for use in white beer, suggestions?

    I've got a bunch of fresh Bergamots. I thought of using them for a white beer in place of the classic bitter orange zest as they are also bitter and the flavor might go well with the style. 1) Anything specific I should keep in mind ? 2) is it ok to leave the white part on the zest or is that...
  5. markag

    Raspberry Witbier

    Hey guys. My dad and I are planning out our second annual Christmas season brew day. He's been home brewing for 2 years, and he got me started on it a year ago with a brew day when I was visiting him between Christmas and New Years last year. We both have been all grain brewing, BIAB style with...
  6. phroggy99

    Possible Contamination Issue? Maybe....

    So I am brewing a wheat extract belgian wit with Oak Chips. Everything is fermenting really well except for after a week, I decided I wanted to rack the batch to get the last of the oak chips out. When I did that, I noticed when cleaning out the carboy that with the spent yeast and oak chips, it...
  7. zgardener

    Pink Peppercorn Wit?

    I want to try something different with a wit, and got the idea of using the sweet, tangy, slightly spicy pink 'peppercorn'. My main question is when to use it and how much? I want it to be one of the predominant flavors, but not to overshadow the wheat and hops. Any suggestions are appreciated!