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  1. A

    Electric brew-boss wiring help

    Hey guys, Im new at electric brewing and my knowledge of circuits and stuff is at a beginner level. I will hire a profesional electrician to do the wiring work but im trying to not only understand further but also save some money. Also I am setting this up in Mexico and I would like to know a...
  2. C

    Control Panel Build help (gas)

    1) Please bare with me as I am NOT an electrician. I am seeking help, knowledge, guidance for my current setup. 2) I had an electrician help me wire it and the current diagram is basically how it is currently wired. Please keep in mind the colors don't have much significance, except green is...
  3. K

    Thermostat replacement on Danby kegerator with ITC-1000 step by step

    Hello, My Danby kegerator keeps freezing and I can't adjust the temp without resetting. I've read through quite a few posts on here where people are discussing replacing the thermostat on their kegerators with either the STC-1000 or the ITC-1000 and I've settled on the ITC-1000 since it has both...
  4. V

    Ebiab Control Panel Wiring Diagram help.

    Howdy all I'm planning on switching my biab kettle over to electric and was wondering if anyone could offer me some feed back on the wiring diagram for my control panel. I'll be running a 3600w element, an auber ezboil and 25w pump. I only do single batches so my needs are quite simple at the...
  5. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft 220 Volt Wiring

    As the seasons here in the Northeastern United States began to change and the temperatures started to fall I knew it was time to install an electric heater in the brew room. The brew room 'slash garage' is well insulated and the temperature inside managed to stay 10F degrees above freezing even...
  6. ooob44

    New BruControl Automated Home Brewery

    Background Several years ago I built a Kal-clone HERMS system following his design pretty closely. It has worked fairly well but I think I'm ready for the next step to streamline brewday even more. One of my frustrations is having to re-arrange tubes several times through the course of the...
  7. SmokeyRydr

    Li'll Red Pump Box Build

    Here's my first pump-box build: Li'll Red! I was inspired by so many here. Thanks for everyone's other build posts and ideas. Now I just need to clean the outside (the damn sticker goo) and add some paint details (switch labels, pump descriptions, etc.) Features: Portable/self-contained GFI...
  8. E

    Contactor, SSR Wiring Confusion

    I currently have a control panel wired for 1 HLT heating element. It is wired into 1 SSR and the PID. I am wanting to add another heating element for the boil kettle. After looking at some diagrams they have contactors added with a switch with the SSR still wired to the heating element : Below...
  9. P

    Auber SYL-2362 Wiring Questions

    OK, so I've searched through the threads but I can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for. Is anyone able to help me out with a simple explanation of how to wire up a SYL-2362, 24v transformer, and Honeywell valve? Simple line drawings I understand, but when we start to venture into...
  10. PeteSeattle

    50a PID Control Panel, 2 elements.

    Hi folks. I was hoping this would be an easy installation but apparently not from my electrician. I have no clue about anything electrical. That’s why I purchased a complete system with prebuilt box from @SpikeBrewing (really ebrewsupply). This control box ...
  11. M

    Wine Fridge to Fermentor.

    Got a free wine Fridge from a neighbor with a bad circuit board (controller). I want to turn it into a fermentor and bypass that board that seams to control power to compressor and cooling fans based on temp, and push button settings as well as a light. I am able to determine the hot/neutral...
  12. K&KBREW

    Control Panel Schematic - Need Help

    Hey guys, I have recently decided it's time to bring the E-Herms dream to life and have hit a bit of a snag. I am by no means an electrician and I am having one heck of a time trying to find exactly what I need to power this puppy, since I want to be able to run both elements and pumps at the...
  13. P

    PID With Outlet And Switch Help

    Hi Everyone, Please see below for my wiring diagram on my PID. This is all in a boxed enclosure meant to control my 1500W element and pump on separate switches. Everything is wired for 110V. Red is representing neutral. This was working fine for about 15 mins. I could use both switches and...
  14. msal

    Wiring PID to a shutoff valve

    Hey all, I am working on putting together a small proof-of-concept controller for a local brewer based on some parts he had purchased. I've put together my own Electric Brewing controller (their BIAB kit) and built a few control boxes based on STC-1000s, but I wouldn't call myself an expert by...
  15. M

    Fridge Wiring Rubber Stopper - PITA

    I'm converting a smaller, but full-size fridge to a fermentation chamber and hit my first major obstacle that I haven't found on any formus. Beside the compressor, there is what looks like a black rubber stopper that all the wiring goes into on its way to the thermostat (pictures below). I want...