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    Winter Ale Recipes

    The last of the Jack-O-Lanterns have been carved, lit, admired, left out to go soft, and been discarded like so many before. Halloween costumes go back in the box, the box goes back in the attic, and our minds turn to the cozier side of Autumn - baked goods, sweaters, hot cocoa, and best of all...
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    First Recipe, need critique Winter Warmer

    Morning! This is the first recipe that I built completely from the ground up and would like some advice. I am going for a Winter Warmer style that has a deep red to mahogany color, so not entirely black. Flavor should have some malt sweetness with caramel and raisin notes as well as some...
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    Holiday Ale PM ideas?

    I'm looking to make a high gravity spiced ale that I can put down and age until December. I'm looking specifically for help concocting a recipe that takes into account two brewhouse limitations: Only able mash four lbs of base/specialty grains (2 gallon mini-mash tun) Only able to safely boil...
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    Brutal Winter Ale

    Ingredients 10lb 2-row (rahr) 1lb caramel 40L (briess) 1lb Biscuit Malt (Castle) 1 oz cascade pellets flavor 1 oz cascade pellets aroma 1 oz Mt hood Pellets bittering Mash Protein rest 133F 30 min 157F for 50 min 159F 30 min 167F 30 min Sparge 4 gallons 170F Boil 60 min w/ Mt...