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  1. W

    Cider from pulp?

    I do not own a cider press. I have made wines in the past like haskap (or honey berry), blueberry and raspberry wines. I always ferment on the skins and strain when I bottle. I often can’t be bothered to clarify or rack wines. I wanted to try making cider and when I went to make it I applied the...
  2. polarbearbrewing

    Ohio Homebrewing and Winemaking equipment lot for sale

    Hey everyone, I haven't brewed for several years and with a baby on the way, need the space more than the gear. Selling as a lot, buyer must take all. Steeply discounted for a quick sale. Located in Columbus, OH area Included items 10 gallon stainless steel, insulated brew/boiling kettle with...
  3. K

    Winemaking Terms

    Winemaking has been both a business and a hobby for centuries. Whether you are a commercial winemaker or make your wine at home (or considering getting into the game), there are general terms that you will want to familiarize yourself with. The following terms are ones both commercial and home...
  4. J

    How To Use The FastFerment For Wine

    Hello all! I have posted a few threads trying to discover the correct procedures for making a great wine using wine kits such as Winexpert, Eclipse, etc.. I have taken suggestions from many of you and combined them into a procedure that I thought was best. However, I have been doing it all...
  5. M

    A Beer Brewers Guide to Wine Making

    While brewing beer and making wine share the same fermentation process there are some notable differences between how each is made. So here is an introduction to wine making for the beer brewer. Image courtesy of wikimedia There is a saying among winemakers that "wine is made in the vineyard...
  6. B

    Enoitalia Euro 30 Pump

    Hey all, Fairly inexperienced and I could not find an answer anywhere... Would anyone know some trouble shooting options for a Euro 30 pump's variable speed option malfunctioning? Could it be the impeller?
  7. Wendy McGuire

    Help! Need advice with pear wine.....

    About 18 months ago I started a 6 gallon carboy of wild texas Mustang grape wine at the same time I started a 3 gallon jar of pear wine. Mustang grape wine is now ready to bottle and it's beautiful however a few weeks after starting the pear wine it wouldnt bubble and It had a funky scent so I...
  8. G

    Bitter tasting wine from Welches grape juice

    I had my first batch of Welches Concord w wine and got pretty drunk off of a cup of it. The problem is that it has a bitter aftertaste. It is not sour. It tastes perfect except it has a shark, bitter finish like arugula, kale, or something like that. I still have more of it left, and I want to...
  9. Brewfawx

    Watermelon Wine Attempt

    I am making my first attempt at watermelon wine on Monday. I have a decent amount of beer experience, but I've never done a wine. id love some feedback on my recipe. One gallon batch: take a large watermelon and puree the inside, run through a strainer to remove excess pulp. add 1 1/2lbs sugar...
  10. B

    first timer with some questions about fermenting

    Hey yall, it's my first time brewing anything. I've got incredibly limited resources, but I believe I'm on the right track to making my first batch of wine. I added some bakers yeast to some grape juice after activating it and saturating the juice with more sugar for the yeast to eat and I've...
  11. S

    Swedish Berry Wine

    Hey Everyone..... - I melted down some Swedish Berry candies into red syrup. - Boiled it in a gallon of water. - Added sugar and acid blend - Added a cup of green tea And so far, it seems to be fermenting! Check out my photos!