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  1. D

    Help with blueberry wine

    Hello, I would like some advice on blueberry wine. Here is my recipe: 4 lbs frozen blueberries 3 lbs white sugar Lalvin EC-1118 yeast 1 cup strong black tea for tannins 1/8 teaspoon yeast nutrient 3/4 gal. Water Process: Macerated blueberries and sugar for about 2 hours. Added water, simmered...
  2. Liz

    Jumping in feet first- Persimmon Wine

    Hello! I am getting ready to embark on my homebrew journey. We purchased 7 acres in February 2023, which included 2 apple trees, peaches, cherries, walnuts, chestnuts, and 1 Fuyu and 1 Hachiya persimmon tree, all well established and producing ample amounts of fruit. My persimmons had a bumper...
  3. S

    Sparkling Mojito Wine Kilju Recipe ver 1.0

    Hi guys. I want to make Mojito sparkling Wine/Kilju using mint leaves and lime(s). I want original gravity to be 1.110 to yield 12-14% ABV. At the end i will make it sparkling wine and bottle it. How much sugar in grams/oz/lbs would i need to achive this in 1gal of water? I've tried formula...
  4. willbrown1020

    What does it mean to aerate?

    What does it mean to aerate? Does it mean to open the container or to stir? If it’s stir then how gently? I’m following a mead recipe and it calls for aeration
  5. willbrown1020

    When to add campden and when to clarify?

    Hello all, When do I add the campden tablets to my newly racked mead of 5 gallons. I also have potassium sorbate but I think I’m supposed to add it when I bottle it. I also have clarification liquids called super-kleer kc finings. So when do I add the 3 of these items? Campden first, then...
  6. sven.vandevenne

    New member from Belgium

    Surprise surprise, a beer lover from Belgium 🙃 Hi all, my name is Sven and I live in Ghent, arguably one of the most hipster cities in our country. So making all sorts of funky stuff is in the requirements to live here :p Most of my passions in life circle around food and drinks, mainly tea...
  7. A

    Wine making first time - how to spot mold

    Hi All, I am trying to make grape wine in a claypot, stirring it every two days. It has been 10 days now and I'm seeing this white stuff outside pot. Is this fine? I didn't notice anything in the inside though.
  8. B

    Sparkling Wines & Carbonation

    I have read several members threads concerning carbonating champagnes. I wish to add to this discussion and share what I know or think I know so far. I have been making Champenoises for 4 years now so I don't claim to be an expert. Firstly it is important not to follow the wine kit instructions...
  9. hunterbrodie

    Elderflower Wine White Fuzz

    Fairly new homebrewer here. Just started a batch of elderflower wine using dried elderflowers on October 2nd, and I noticed some white cotton like fuzz on the top of the wine. Is this safe or should I toss it?
  10. B

    disparity between wine makers and beer makers

    I'm noticing that there's a lot more resources and conversations and clubs centered around brewing beer than making wines and mead. I mean look at this forum, there's 18 categories for beer brewing and then one each for wine and mead. Why is this? Surely the disparity between people in general...
  11. B

    White mildew on grapes

    A very friendly neighbor graciously let me harvest their grape vine since they weren't using it, which is awesome. However, since they weren't taking care of it, the grapes have some pretty widespread powdery white mildew on them. I washed them with water before freezing them but it's difficult...
  12. JuiceBar

    Any tips on making wine from fresh grapes?

    I live in the American south and the muscadine grapes are about to ripen at a vineyard near me. I've really only had experience making wine from bottled or frozen juices. Do you have any tips for using fresh grapes? From the books I've read they suggest that you crush the grapes, squeeze the...
  13. E

    Sparkling wine - no sign of sediment from second fermentation

    Hello, After a few years of making sparkling elderflower wine by the usual method, I decided that I don't really like the cloudy, slightly feety concoction, so decided to follow the champagne method of fully fermenting in a DJ (down to 0.97 grav, took 4 weeks due to warm weather). It was...
  14. D

    Pinot Noir Recipe for Wife...

    Good morning, folks. I am looking for a recommendation. I typically brew beer and kombucha as well as the occasional cider, mead and cyser but my wife will not drink any of them - she's a wine drinker. Her favorite wine is Josh's Pinot Noir and I would like to try my hand at making a batch for...
  15. M

    Is my wine dead

    I’m currently making a citrus wine( probably the worst idea) but I thought why not. Right Off the bat things were not what I was expecting, in the primary fermenting bin things were quiet and I had a few temperature issue to begin with but it finally picked up and finished so I transferred to...
  16. E

    Oat vinegar, oat wine or neither?

    Hello, I'm quite new and know nothing about alcoholic beverage making. I just like conducting experiments for fun and to gain a better understanding. I had made oat milk by taking a cup of oats and a cup of water blending it and straining it. I then added 3tbs of raw honey. I then let it...
  17. M

    Hello from Honduras!

    Hi from Honduras! Momma of 6 lover of all things done myself. I enjoy cheese making, all the ferments, and making our own various brews and adult beverages. Complete novice, but want to experiment and come up with some yummy treats!
  18. J

    Fast Ferment Connical Fermenter

    I just recently got a 3 gal fast ferment connical fermenter fory birthday. I'm thinking about returning it and getting 3 gallon carboys. I do mostly frozen fruit wines and I think they produce too much sediment for the connical fermenter to work correctly. What's everyone else's thaught? I...
  19. I

    How much time does wine yeast take to consume 1 kg of sugar?

    Hello all, I am planning to buy some wine yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) from my local Amazon store and prepare an alcoholic ginger ale. I plan to use some grated ginger, one lemon, 1 kg (2.2 lb) of white cane sugar (sucrose) and 5 liters of water. I was wondering if someone could give me...
  20. A

    FAQ for newbies

    We need a sticky in this forum for the newbie questions. I'll kick it off by asking two questions I can answer, and ask a few of my own. Could we get a mod to pin this one please and get the folks to help fill in the blanks and add to this list? Thanks all! Q: What if I want to use honey...