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  1. K

    Wine kit fermentation activity

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum and wine making and hoping someone out there might be able to help me. I have started a Vintners red wine kit and added the yeast as per instructions, so far on day three I haven't heard any activity from the airlock. Keeping an eye on it i believe it might be...
  2. H

    Help my wine please

    I bought a 7-day kit did all the sterilization on day 6 started the clearing process as the instructions said now my wine has started to foam bad and what looks like what should be on the bottom is on the top is it still fermenting can anything be done to save this wine even after everything has...
  3. Scientific hippie

    My Malbec kit came out great!

    After all the tinkering and Teflon taping and worrying about the sampling port installation on the FastFerment, I loaded it up with Cellar Craft Argentine Malbec. I put the grape skins in the hop basket and squooshed them daily. Toward the end of the 8-week secondary fermentation, I sampled it...
  4. Scientific hippie

    My first kit

    OK, the temperature in our basement has stabilized, and we're getting a new fridge soon, so I did my first kit, a 1 gal Winexpert pinot noir. Lessons learned: 1. Bentonite is like concrete. If you do not add it while stirring, it makes a lump on the bottom of the jug and you have to shake it...
  5. Scientific hippie

    Winemaking beginner; kits? Dried vs. canned elderberries.

    I have been having a blast making my own kombucha. I am a gardener, and after reading several books about permaculture, I ordered some elderberry bushes, spicebushes (Appalachian allspice, Lindera benzoin), and the nitrogen-fixing goumi shrub (Elaeagnus multiflora). They were not expensive, and...
  6. Dazzathedrummer

    Silly question about a wine kit that i’d forgotten about :-s

    Hi, I was clearing out our spare room yesterday and realised that I’d started a wine kit last year and forgotten all about it! The kit is a Beaverdale 6 bottle white wine. I stated fermenting it and then left it as it is - it’s in a glass demijohn with an airlock. I still have the sachets of...
  7. P

    Clearing Wine w/ Chitosan?

    Hi, all! So, after waiting a month for my Gewurztraminer to clear, I decided to keel to impatience and add some chitosan to it to see if it would clear without adding the other component that it reacts with, bcuz I only had chitosan on hand. It's now been 3 days and it's cloudier than ever. What...
  8. B

    Few questions on wine making - beginner.

    My first batch is in the middle of aging. Celebration del Mondo - Chilean Cab/merlot. Few questions: 1) How important is filtering? I've read it can take alter/remove some taste in the wine. I went from primary fermination to secondary 6.5gal carboy then reracked to the 6.5 gal carboy and...
  9. eastendershomebrew

    Can anyone recomend a good wine concentrate kit

    Hello everyone, i am looking for advice on a good wine concentrate kit. i would like to make a cabernet and would like it to be at least good for next christmas, and better later of course. any recomendations?? Thanks Gents! Cheers!!