wild fermentation

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  1. S

    Successful (I think) wildish ferment

    As an experiment, and because I ran out of packaged yeast, I made a starter out of boiled sugar water. I threw in a couple sections of oak dowel that I have used in brews in the past, and some dandelion tops. Shook it up really well. That was yesterday afternoon. Last night I noticed some foam...
  2. Bertramhage

    How to know when primary fermentation is over when speed is slow (Wild fermentation)

    I put over a batch of mead now a month ago with good quality local honey and added some raisins and prunes for nutrients. I’m doing a wild fermentation without any added yeasts or sulfites. It took a bit for fermentation to start but is now bubbling - however slowly. I’ve read from other sources...
  3. V

    How to get my wild fermented mead going??

    So I decided I wanted to wild ferment my mead. I have a 1.5 gallon big mouth bubbler (fantastic for making fruit infused mead/cider), and I added about 3 pounds of raw honey to a bit less than a gallon of water. I started this process on 1/11/20 and I have been stirring it at least once daily (I...
  4. S-Met

    Nutrients for wild fermentation?

    Title is the question. Bought a 1/2 gal of local apple juice poured a glass and kinda forgot about it in the back of my fridge. About a week or so later I noticed the jug was getting "puffy." I poured a small glass and it tasted great. I decided to use it as a starter for a wild ferment of...