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  1. M. Kim

    Is this a pellicle?

    I brewed wild ale for the first time. It's been fermenting for five months. Is it normal?
  2. F

    Wild ale experiment!

    I've tried wrangling wild yeast a few times, with no success. One time nothing, not even mould. Anyway this time I used a couple blackberries and a crabapple. Success! The wort had a 1.043 OG and ended (at least short term) on 1.010, so a minimum respectable (for an English ale, and a wild...
  3. S

    Brewing a Wild Fermentation Beer

    I posted a similar thread in the general discussion, but ended up getting more feedback critiquing my verbiage and questions than answers. Maybe I posted in the wrong forum; I apologize if so 😆 Going to try and be as clear as possible for anyone willing to offer advice. Please do not respond to...
  4. RiccoStar

    Aluminum Coolship ?

    I’m wondering if aluminum material would be adequate for a cool ship cooling / lambic style inoculation ? excuse me if this has been discussed but I searched pretty thoroughly and haven’t found anything. Here and elsewhere... I currently live in a somewhat humid/ tropical climate (Medellín...
  5. P

    White spots and film developing...

    Good evening all, I’m a little way into my first two batches of cider. Both have fermented and are now ageing. One, on the right, made with commercial yeast and sulphites, cleared relatively quickly and is now entirely transparent. It stills carries a slightly pungent, sulphurous smell...
  6. C

    wild kombucha starter?

    I was looking around to see if anyone has created a SCOBY from wild yeast and almost everyone said that it's nearly impossible. but why? why can you ferment tea like you can other things. so i went outside with a knife and some clean labeled bags and collected a few different things. i collected...
  7. Yuletide

    4 Gallon first time report -- wild & funky

    Hey folks, finally got my first batch of juice going and had a few questions I'll put below after the progress so far. Here's a thread to share progress as I go. Source: 4 Gallons, Unpasteurized "Hand-picked, Tree-Ripened" cider from a roadside stand in Philo, CA split into two batches Yeast: 3...
  8. S

    Successful (I think) wildish ferment

    As an experiment, and because I ran out of packaged yeast, I made a starter out of boiled sugar water. I threw in a couple sections of oak dowel that I have used in brews in the past, and some dandelion tops. Shook it up really well. That was yesterday afternoon. Last night I noticed some foam...
  9. Bertramhage

    How to know when primary fermentation is over when speed is slow (Wild fermentation)

    I put over a batch of mead now a month ago with good quality local honey and added some raisins and prunes for nutrients. I’m doing a wild fermentation without any added yeasts or sulfites. It took a bit for fermentation to start but is now bubbling - however slowly. I’ve read from other sources...
  10. V

    How to get my wild fermented mead going??

    So I decided I wanted to wild ferment my mead. I have a 1.5 gallon big mouth bubbler (fantastic for making fruit infused mead/cider), and I added about 3 pounds of raw honey to a bit less than a gallon of water. I started this process on 1/11/20 and I have been stirring it at least once daily (I...
  11. S

    Nutrients for wild fermentation?

    Title is the question. Bought a 1/2 gal of local apple juice poured a glass and kinda forgot about it in the back of my fridge. About a week or so later I noticed the jug was getting "puffy." I poured a small glass and it tasted great. I decided to use it as a starter for a wild ferment of...