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  1. G

    White spots in my vessel

    I’m a complete newbie with the whole brewing thing, with that being said, I’m doing my first brew. I read the recipe online, and decided to do it. I believe it’s a sugar wine? All it took was sugar, yeast, and yeast nutrient. It seemed simple and cheap enough, so I decided to give it a try. I...
  2. P

    Help detecting infection

    Hi, This year, I have brewed apple cider from fresh apples for the second time. The first time, it went great. This time, I have come across some issues that have been discussed here before, but, just to be certain, I would really appreciate if you could give me an opinion based on the photos...
  3. dawaxfantom

    Possible Mold!! Please Help ID and Fix!

    So checked my secondary Carboy today and found something on top. At first I thought it might just be left over hops from the dry hop, but it seems to be increasing in size and abundance. Does anyone have a suggestion or solution? Thanks!
  4. tbrink

    some dry yeast clung inside my carboy's neck & looks like mold now

    what were once a few little brownish teeny yeast pellets have become larger white globs that look very much like mold. i'm trying not to freak out because i know for certain what is on the neck is also inside the beer below, but it's really difficult to ignore. i am trying very hard to...