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  1. loonster

    96% Attenuation WLP540?

    Hi Guys, I searched around for some info on this but couldn't find anything, apologies ahead of time if this has been discussed a lot (only my 12th brew). I am doing a Belgian Blonde for the third time, changing the yeast from Brux Trois to WLP540 at the recommendation from the LHBS. Allgrain...
  2. Northern_Brewer

    How long can you leave liquid yeast after the best-before date?

    It seems to be a regular question, how long before liquid yeast is dead or unusable. Well here's proof that you can revive liquid yeast that's nearly 5 years old, this was an out-of-date pack of WLP540 that I got from the old Hop & Grape ages ago, then with one thing and another I didn't get...
  3. Garrett_McT

    Lager Fermentation Gravity Reading Anomaly

    HBT Community, I have experienced a weird anomaly while monitoring the temperature of my lager fermentation. White Labs German Lager Yeast WLP830. I have been monitoring the wort/fermenting beer temperature periodically, while also continuously monitoring the ambient fridge temperature through...
  4. E

    The Science of Suds: Interview with Neva Parker from White Labs

    White Labs needs no introduction to homebrewers. As one of the largest providers of brewing yeast in the United States, all of us at one time or another have used their products. Founded way back in 1995 by President and CEO Chris White, their mission has been simple to sum up, though perhaps...
  5. L

    Heads Up: Yeast Bent on World Domination

    When you make beer, you may think you're the boss of your ingredients. But have you stopped to think about how seemingly innocent Yeast may have the upper hand over humans, at least when it comes to world domination (are you paying attention, gamers)? To investigate Yeast's grand strategy for...
  6. H

    Help me.

    I know 25% alcohol tolerance for wlp 099. However, it brewed an Imperial Stout of 20 liters, which was an og 1.138. Ten days later the FG was 1.082. Of course, I made a four-liter starter. Is the fermentation speed slow at 099? I plan to add one more 099 . What do you think?
  7. V

    Brewer's Friend Lactose Calculation

    I have two brews right now one using WLP007 and one using RVA Hoptopper both with about a pound of lactose in them each. NEIPA Yeast: RVA Hoptopper (200 Billion Cell Count, 3 weeks from manufacture date), well oxygenated 4.5 Gallon (in fermenter) blended batch Half mashed at 149 F Half mashed...
  8. E

    London Fog Yeast... What next?

    First time poster but long time spectator here. Howdy! So, after a while away from brewing I've just brewed an NEIPA which will be ready for kegging on Tuesday and I've been wondering what to do with the yeast, which is a white labs wlp0066, London fog. My keggerator has room for 3 kegs, so I...
  9. A

    Faster than Usual Fermentation?

    Hi Folks - Thanks for reading my post. Quick fermentation question...just made an Irish Red and used liquid yeast for the first time [WLP 004 Irish Ale]. It took a good 36 hours to start showing airlock activity, but when it did, it seemed noticeably highly active and only seemed to last...
  10. Northern_Brewer

    WLP073 Artisanal Country Ale - Bière de Garde strain

    WLP073 is a current seasonal release from White Labs having been put in the Vault in 2017. I thought I'd start a thread to encourage a centralised discussion as there seems to be nothing about it on the web. Sounds nice : "It produces slight esters and mild phenols, while preserving the sweet...
  11. DeutschMann96

    Time to repitch?

    Long story short I ordered yeast (WLP029) from Homebrew Supply, and FedEx took the scenic route to get here. After 5 days I got my yeast. The cold pack, and vial were very warm. But I decided to give it a shot anyway. Made a starter, pitched it in, here we are three, and a half days later...
  12. I

    Waiting to pitch yeast? Is this ok?

    I'll be brewing today but the yeast I've been waiting on probably won't get here till this evening. It's my day off so I can't really change when I brew. I normally let the cooled wort sit covered in the brew pot with the lid sprayed with Starsan and covered in tinfoil for 30 minutes to let a...