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  1. C

    Next steps after home-brewing

    Hi community! I have been homebrewing for a while with a brewzilla and we have been making really good beer, we have had friends asking us to increase production and we are considering systems of 300L / 500L. We have contacted a couple of providers but we are not sure about the techniques used...
  2. Pyg

    Dry Hop vs Whirlpool?

    Making a cream ale using Williamette (60 min) and Saab (20 min). Going to add 2 Oz of Citra Cryohops for some aroma. whirlpool at 170? Dry hop 5-7 days? I halve read that whirlpool inparts a little flavor, while dry hoponly provides aroma. thoughts? Preferences?
  3. J

    Building an all grain system.... Help!

    Trying my hand at all grain brewing. Just trying to find out what will be the best fit for me. So far I’ve built up the following equipment: 15 gallon Blichmann boilermaker (with whirlpool hook up, false bottom, and autosparge) 8 gallon brew kettle with ball valve 2x 10 gallon Rubbermaid...
  4. ChaosB

    1st Time Brewer - 3 Vessel SS Brewtech HERMs System

    I've been researching, purchasing, and building my first homebrew setup since October 18. I'm an American currently living in South Korea. Finally getting closer to my first brew day. Still need another Hellfire burner and tower of power gas controller but I went ahead and tested my plumbing out...
  5. DMA

    Whirlpool port...

    How close to the top of a kettle can a 3/4" hole be made (with knockout punch) without compromising the integrity of the kettle? This is a 1bbl kettle with nearly a 1/4" rolled top edge. Thanks.
  6. beervoid

    Cheaper hops on the hotside for NEIPA, IPA

    Hello forum, I'm wondering if any people here have experimented with using less expensive hops on the hotside of the brewing process... Chinook, columbus, centennial, cascade etc.. while keeping the expensive pungent hops like Mosaic, Citra, Galaxy etc exclusively for dry hopping. I know...
  7. D

    Various whirlpool/dry hopping/keg hopping questions

    Hello folks, I'm an AG brewer who is switching to kegging from bottling. I always end up with bitter/astringent hop trub in my hoppy beers after whirlpooling/dry-hopping despite using hop bags. I have a few questions and will be grateful for any advice: -When whirlpooling (with an immersion...
  8. SmokeyRydr

    Clamp-on Whirlpool arm & Pickup tube

    I've got a 10g Spike Brewing boil kettle and had been using a bazooka tube, a counter-flow chiller and a pump. The kettle only has one flow port, so I was just hanging the return tube over the kettle when was running boil wort through the CFC and pump to sanitize them. I was able to get kind...
  9. B

    Best Kettle Port Configuration

    I'm in the process of building my kettle for a small indoor electric BIAB setup - I wanted some input on the best kettle configuration before I buy parts. I have a 10gal kettle - I know that is way too small for some people, but I have actually been trying to go smaller and brew 3 gallon batches...
  10. B

    First Time Whirlpooling with Pump

    I tried whirlpooling with a Riptide and a Spin Cycle arm during my brew a few days ago, but was pretty underwhelmed by the results. I didn't have any sort of trub cone at the bottom of the kettle - all the cold break seemed to be spread out on the bottom of the kettle like it normally is. I had...
  11. B

    Best tubing size to use with CFC

    I am planning on slowly upgrading my brewing rig. The next step is to add a pump so I can more easily chill my beer and whirlpool - for both leaving trub behind and more easily adding whirlpool hops. If I remember correctly, my CFC copper tubing is 3/8" OD and 1/4" ID: I am assuming that it is...
  12. eugles

    Confusion About Addons to a Brew Kettle

    Hey folks, first time poster here, but long time scavenger of great advice. I am in the process of doing a little bit of an upgrade to my brew kettle and related equipment. I currently own a 10 gallon brew kettle i bought from Amazon last year and decided to buy a weldless whirlpool arm from...
  13. I

    Yeast made a think mat out of trub

    I'm in the process of fermenting an AG batch and was a little impatient with my attempts at seperating the trub before siphoning to my primary... I chilled the wort with my newly made IC down to about 60 degF (just under 5 minutes) and then got a good whirlpool going with a spoon. I haven't...
  14. diatonic

    My Single-Tier Propane/Electric Hybrid Brew Rig

    Over the past month or so I've been working on plans for a new brew rig. For the past year or so I've been brewing on my Ghetto Fabulous Electric HERMS, but it is time for an upgrade. The design goals for this system are: Be able to heat the HLT with electricity *or* propane No...